Brandy Swirl Cookies

Brandy Swirl Cookies

I'm sorry for not posting a recipe this week. Between trying to figure out the best dish to bring to a Thanksgiving potluck (a variation of sweet potato casserole, thanks mom) and spending a few days down and out with a cold, I haven't had time.

OK, I'm lying, a little. I have had time. In fact, I baked a huge batch of "brandy swirl cookies." I hate to reveal this to you, but the cookies were terrible. I'm sorry Gram.

The recipe card itself looked promising. Neatly written, stained various shades of brown with what I assumed to be frequent usage- but when I mentioned the recipe to my parents, neither of them were familiar with it. I should have realized that this was an ill omen. Perhaps the reason that the recipe card looked like it had been soaked in brandy was that my grandmother was trying to destroy it, but was interrupted before she got around to lighting it on fire- who knows.

In any case, the cookies seemed like a potentially promising variation of a butter cookie, but turned out to be pale flat swirls that melted in to a buttery floury mess on the tongue, and not in a good way. Yuck. I took some photos of the unbaked cookies, but it seems pointless to post them.

In order to restore my faith (and my tastebuds), I've decided that next week I'm going to bake her classic chocolate chip cookies; complete with her "secret ingredient."

Until then...


  1. I'm sorry the Brandy Swirl cookies didn't work out, but I can't wait to see her recipe for chocolate chip. They're my favorite to make and everyone says mine are the best they've ever had, so I am VERY curious to see if her's are better (they probably are. haha). :)