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October 07, 2010

Bean Salad

Bean Salad

Even though the time for summer BBQs and picnics may be past for this year, there's still always room on the table for a side of bean salad. This is incredibly fast to prep and throw together, and stores excellently in 'fridge for days - in fact, I prefer the way it tastes after all the beans have been marinating together for a couple of days.

The only suggestion that I would make for this salad is to use freshly blanched green beans and wax beans instead of ones from a can. I actually intended to make the salad with fresh veggies, but unfortunately the store was out of fresh wax beans, so I skipped it this time. Although the salad is far tastier than I expected with the canned green beans (I am a vegetable snob sometimes, I'm sorry), I think fresh ones would give it a wonderful crunch that just isn't there when you use the canned green beans. Using fresh green beans won't add too much to the prep time, so if you have the time and fresh beans, I say go for it!

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