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October 26, 2009

Tillie's Cookies

These cookies go by two different names in my gram's recipe box; there are cards titled "Tillie's Cookies" and also cards reading "Mother's Cookies." These are the cookies that my great-grandmother would make. It's probably because of this that these cookies were ever-present in my gram's house, whether they were freshly baked or take from the giant bag of them that was always waiting in her freezer, just in case.

I won't lie, when I was little, these weren't my favorite thing to come out of my grandmother's oven. It's not that I didn't like them, because I certainly did, it's just that there were normally other treats around to nibble on as well, and those other things often contained chocolate. Even so, I always managed to eat at least a few of these during each visit, carefully inspecting each cookie on the plate before deciding on the ones that I felt had the best jam-to-cookie ratio.

Even if Tillie's Cookies weren't my all time favorite to eat, they were always one of my favorite to help make. I liked getting to squish the thumbprints in the center of the cookies and then over-fill them with jelly, much of which would end up melting over the sides and burning on to the cookie sheet. My gram would always make sure that there were enough of her perfectly shaped and filled cookies to counterbalance my sticky cookie monstrosities.

Ok, enough storytime! Let's just make the darn cookies!

October 18, 2009

Origin Story

Whenever I picture my grandmother, she's in her kitchen. Not only was it the room that she always sat in when she watched TV or ate casual meals, but it was where, well, all the food came from. And there was always food.

Within minutes of arriving at her door, she would be offering up a variety of treats -- she was just about to sit down with some tea and toast, but would you like some cookies? There's also some pound cake under the dome if you'd prefer that, or half a pie sitting in the fridge. Oh, there's some fresh fruit salad next to the pie, and biscotti in the cookie jar, as well. Would you like some whipped cream on the pie? Let me put on a pot of coffee.

She always showed her love for her family with food. Whether it was a favorite cake on your birthday, a plate of fried flounder at dinner or a bowl of chocolates while watching Jeopardy. Needless to say, once I started having weekly sleepovers at my grandmother's, I wasn't the skinniest little kid.

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